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As a creative high fashion photographer, there’s nothing more exciting than being involved in a well-organized and meticulously planned photoshoot. It allows me to deliver outstanding results and create well thought out full marketing galleries for my clients. However, one crucial aspect that determines the success of any shoot is the lead time provided by the client. I want to express the importance of booking a photoshoot well in advance as it allows us to plan for travel, create mood boards, line up models, ship products, and fully prepare for an exceptional shoot so that your brand images are not just good but amazing.

Efficient Travel Planning

By booking your photoshoot well in advance, you allow me to prepare for any necessary travel arrangements. This is particularly crucial when shooting in unique locations or destinations outside my usual travel area or areas that I am unfamiliar with. Properly planning travel ensures that I can secure appropriate transportation, secure accommodation (if necessary), and have enough time to scout the location, resulting in a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Creating the Perfect Mood Board

A mood board is a visual representation of the desired look and feel of our photoshoot. Having ample time to create a mood board allows me and you (the client) to align our artistic visions. It ensures that both of us are on the same page regarding colors, styling, props, and overall atmosphere. With an early booking, we can collectively brainstorm and refine the concept, enhancing the chances of delivering striking images that truly capture your vision.

Securing Models

For photoshoots involving models, booking in advance is crucial to secure the most suitable individuals for the project. Adequate lead time allows me to reach out to different models, choose the ideal candidates, and address any scheduling conflicts promptly. This ensures that the shoot has a diverse and talented team onboard, capable of bringing the artistic vision to life.

Shipping Product

In cases where the photoshoot involves specific products or props, early booking enables sufficient time for you to get everything prepped and shipped to me in a timely manner without hefty shipping fees. This is particularly important for products that might not be readily available or those requiring customization. By allowing ample time for sourcing and shipping, we guarantee that every prop, accessory, or product arrives on time, ensuring a successful and visually cohesive shoot. This also allows me to time to prep the product thoroughly by stuffing bags and steaming clothing so that everything photographs well.

Prep & Planning

Thorough preparation is key to a successful photoshoot. By booking in advance, we have ample time to plan every aspect meticulously. From arranging lighting equipment to scouting locations, acquiring permits (if necessary), and scheduling hair and makeup artists and stylists, early bookings provide a solid foundation for a seamless and well-executed shoot and is HIGHLY recommended, especially for larger projects involving many models or more than 10 products that need photographed.

Booking your photoshoot well in advance is an integral part of ensuring a successful and memorable experience for both of us. From travel planning and creating mood boards to securing models and talent, organizing product delivery and undertaking comprehensive preparations, early bookings allow us to meticulously plan every detail. By partnering in advance, you create the opportunity for exceptional results, seamless execution, and an enchanting collaboration that will yield images that exceed expectations.

For the first time I am offering you the opportunity to book a 2024 project NOW by paying a deposit of $500. This will guarantee you a spot in my very limited 2024 schedule and it will allow us to start planning NOW while also giving you the opportunity to make smaller payments leading up to your shoot. Take advantage of this very rare opportunity because I typically do not allow any sort of payment arrangement; but I want 2024 to start with a BANG and that means lining up AMAZING shoots and collaborating with AWESOME people along the way.

So, lets get your 2024 shoot on the books and lets bring your vision to life with creativity, professionalism, and the utmost dedication to your brand and business.

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