Elevate Your Photography Skills with the High Fashion Posing Guide

High fashion posing is all about creating interesting lines, visuals, and unique details that pull you into the photograph. It comes from taking a standard pose and elevating it to a new level by tweaking small details here and there. I pride myself in elevating my posing so that each session has a unique artistic flare that sets my style apart. I have learned how to coach models of all body types to get the high fashion look I am now known for. So let’s get to teaching YOU how to do it too!!

In this guide I will show you how I pose map, walk models through moving their bodies to get those high fashion poses, and how I choose what types of poses to use for what types of shoots. 

This guide is JAM-PACKED full of amazing information if you are looking to elevate your posing and create a more high-fashion look in your photography. 

Get your copy here: https://stan.store/kayleelynn_creatives/p/klc–get-my-posing-guide-here

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