Elevate your Photography Using Unique Locations | A Fashion Shoot in A Water Tank

In the realm of fashion photography, finding innovative ways to showcase unique imagery is a constant pursuit. In this blog post, we dive into the intriguing depths of a water tank on the ranch in New Mexico that Myelia (owner of Milagro Turqouise) found and brought the idea to us, Zayle and I were IN because we ALWAYS are! LOL.

When it comes to fashion photography, setting plays an integral role in crafting the desired narrative. By capturing models in a water trough on a farm, we were able to harness the rustic charm and captivating energy of our surroundings. The juxtaposition of a sleek and stylish wardrobe against a rugged farm landscape added authenticity and depth, creating an alluring visual story.

In a world inundated with images, standing out requires a touch of originality. I try to embrace this challenge wholeheartedly by stepping outside the conventional boundaries of a traditional studio or traditional outdoor settings. When Myelia asked about using the water tank it was a no-brainer for Zayle and I; and the resulting images exuded an ethereal quality that took our typical sessions beyond the norm and we are OBSSESSED with them!

It is important as a photographer to bring new and fresh ideas to this world that is a constant battle of trying to catch the eye of people watching your content or looking at your photos; I hope by consistently stepping outside of the norm that it inspires you and other photographers to do the same. No idea is too crazy, no idea is bad; take your ideas and run with them because you might just create MAGIC that you didn’t even know was there to create. Even if it feels scary or strange; I encourage you to go for it and at least try!

I hope checking out these images allow you to feel inspired to try something new the next time you pick up your camera!

Thank you for being here!

~Kaylee (& Zayle!)

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