Maternity Experiences | Why Should You Book?

I believe maternity photos are a great way to celebrate you as a mom and allow you the space to feel beautiful that is genuinely all about you! Yes, you may have gained 75lbs and have a watermelon out in front of you, but genuinely your body will never be the same again and we should be teaching women to CELEBRATE it and bask in its natural form as it is during this miracle of a time.

I truly would love to document more creative maternity shoots and make mommas to be feel beautiful, special, and celebrated just like we did with Tiff. She has been a long time model and true friend of mine and she was feeling blobby and swollen and I really feel we captured her true beauty and essence and I KNOW she felt absolutely stunning!

So why should you book a Maternity Experience? Because your body will NEVER be the same again. Yes you read that right. It will never be the way it was before you were momma. So you should document it for YOU, for your family, for your children, because there will come a time when all you have left are photos so book the shoot, go all out, be extra, and do it for YOU but also for all the loved ones who will want to have those memories when they are all that is left.

Thank you for being here and if you are expecting; lets chat momma!


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