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Earlier this month I traveled back down to Texas to shoot for Milagro Turquoise, Britt Piper, Emmy Lou and June, and Haute Southern Hyde.

To say it was exactly what I needed to reset from moving is an understatement ya’ll. It was absolutely incredible AND exhausting all at the same time!

To start the trip Emma and I left South Dakota a day early to beat an ice storm, then we proceeded to get stuck in a wild fire that was on the interstate that had us at a standstill for four hours. The first few legs of the journey was quite a roller coaster but we MADE it and we were both safe so thats what matters!

Emma was amazing the entire trip too, even though potty training definitely made it interesting a few times! LOL.

Our first shoot was for Milagro Turquoise at New Light Studio in DFW. We had a blast in that clean and crisp space and I have included just a few sneaks of that shoot for you to check out below!

Next up was a second shoot for Milagro Turquoise; this time at a Country Club. We wanted a black and white golf course preppy style and we absolutely NAILED it. It was a blast and I even shot a few of miss Emma in our Emmy Lou and June. You can see a few of those below too!!

Next up was H&M Ranch, we shot several pieces for them and I think we got them some EXCELLENT product shots and content them for the next few months!

We shot for Haute Southern Hyde after H&M and we had a BLAST working with her products. I am so excited she has officially joined me as a bi-monthly client and I am looking forward to shooting all her amazing products over the next few months!

Then we had our studio shoot for Emmy Lou and June at New Light Studio in DFW again. The space was absolutely PERFECT to showcase our brand new Spring line from Play Up. This line is slow made and is recyclable and made to be passed down for generations. We are SO excited about this new line and we cannot wait to hear the feedback on the quality and level of sustainability it brings to our little shop! You can check out a few of those pieces below and if you would like to shop you can do so at our website at www.emmylouandjune.com

To wrap up the week in DFW I had a shoot with Britt Piper to give her some new content for her business.

When we left Texas, Zayle came with me and had multiple stops along the way where we shot for Haute Southern Hyde and Double M Beadwork. I will be doing a whole blog post on our road trip shoots because they are EPIC! So be on the lookout for those; no sneaks of that yet because it’s just THAT GOOD!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my time in Texas and as always thank ya for being here!


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