Zayle and I have been working together for almost a year and we truly have became the greatest of friends. We work together often and shooting with her is so natural and fun. She is also CRAZY TALENTED ya’ll. She always comes prepared to try ANY pose I ask as well as brings her own poses to try. She brings more accessories and outfits than needed just so we have as many options as possible.

She is professional, kind, motivated, and knows how to WORK THAT CAMERA.

I recommend her to MANY of my brands as well as photographer friends who reach out asking about models.

Not only is she an incredible model; she is an incredible human too. I am so grateful to have her as a colleague and friend!

She and I have come up with an amazing idea that I am going to give you a SNEAKY PEAKY on right here in this blog post (I purposely hid it this far down to see how many of you actually read these hehe). We have decided to host a yearly Designers Retreat at an EPIC travel location all around the globe to feature Micro Designers and their work on hand picked models (Zayle of course will be one!) while also visiting epic destinations, creating magical photography together, AND networking with incredible designers all at the same time.

I want to transition my career to be more sustainable and at this time; while it is SO SCARY ya’ll, I am ready to take the HUGE leap into trying my hand at something new but that is also something I am passionate about.

That all being said be on the lookout for more information coming SOON!

For now you can check out some of my favorites of Zayle from our MANY shoots below!

Make sure to give her a follow on IG too @zayle.davis

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