High Fashion Posing Guide for Photographers

What is the guide and why should you grab it for yourself?

The guide is 11 pages JAM-PACKED with information about how I get those high fashion poses I am now known for with ANY MODEL and ANY BODY TYPE! This is has been a work in progress for me for over a year and now I want to share that expertise with other photographers so they can get that high fashion look without all the trial and error.

What is a high fashion pose?!

High fashion posing is all about creating interesting lines, visuals, and unique details that pull you into the photograph. It comes from taking a standard pose and elevating it to a new level by tweaking small details here and there.

In this guide I will walk you through how to acheive a FULL SESSION of high fashion poses with only a few planning steps before your session.

I teach you how to create a pose map that you can follow during the shoot so you can stay on track and still get all the poses you really wanted.

I also walk you through how to elevate standard poses to make them more high fashion as well and how to coach your models and clients so that you can get the look you really want!


You can snag right here >>>> https://stan.store/kayleelynn_creatives/p/klc–get-my-posing-guide-here

Want a little preview of the guide?? Check out the images below!

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