Julie & Britt | Hair Stylists | Fort Collins, CO

Have I ever told Ya’ll how much I LOVE working with salons and hair stylists? Like they are some of the COOLEST environments AND coolest people to work with! I love working with them because they are in the creative field too, they typically have a style they are going for, there is typically a “vibe” in the salon that I can match, and I love shooting the product photos as well.

Having GREAT images for social media is a MUST for salons and hair stylists. Social media is the NUMBER one place new people (who aren’t being referred by someone who already goes to the salon) find a hair stylist. So I know how important it is to have images that stand out in the literal SEA of content out there.

I loved working with these two, they each have their own style and personalities. I loved the vibe and colors of their salon, all the plant babies, and I LOVED the product shots I was able to get for them that 100% matches their vibe SO WELL!

Check out some of my FAVS from their session below!

If you wanna check out their salon you can give them each a follow on IG

Julie – @juliecolorshair

Britt – @brittandthehair

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