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By now you probably all know we have MOVED to South Dakota and we have been quite literally thrown into the ranch life while also renovating our new home! To say it has been chaos would be a massive understatement! HA! However, as chaotic as it has been we have truly LOVED every single second of learning our new normal way of life.

I am juggling three full time businesses now ON TOP of #ranchlife! Currently running social media and marketing for the ranch now along with my mom. We are prepping for our April Bull Sale; creating catalogs and save the dates and planning open houses. We are calving 150 cows and have already finished around 50 bred heifers this season! This requires overnight watches, early morning feeding times and just making sure they are all well taken care of during this FRIGID weather. All while also running KayleeLynn Creatives and EmmyLou and June!

However, I am so grateful to be raising Emma in this environment because I grew up doing this and helped work the ranch and now being able to also do that with my little as well as my husband John has really been amazing. Watching them both fully embrace this new lifestyle and working hard every single day. I am also truly loving being able to spend so much time together while doing meaningful family work. It really is a FULL FLEDGED family business and we ALL love it!

We are ALMOST ready to move into our new house that we have been renovating over the past few months as well! We are painting this week and will *hopefully* have a March move in date! We absolutely CANNOT wait to be in our new home and start building our memories there as a little family of three.

All of this to say; ranch life is amazing. Even with adjusting to the cold and dealing with so many new challenges of running all these businesses its been an incredible ride and we are only two months in. We cannot wait to see where this journey takes us and I am SO grateful to have you all along for the ride with us too!!

Thank you for reading a little about our life lately! If you haven’t already snag your posing guide here:

Enjoy some ranch life photos below and us adjusting to this VERY frigid weather!

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