Kaylee Lynn Creatives – 2023 Goals

It’s 2023 which means it is time for some new goals and this year I have some REALLY BIG ONES!

I want to first thank you for being here, for reading my blogs, for supporting my business, for supporting me as a human, and for loving me as well as you all do! I am SO incredibly grateful for every single one of you and I cannot find the words to thank you enough!

Now lets get to these goals!

My BIGGEST one of this year is to really focus on QUALITY FAMILY TIME! We have had some MAJOR life changes and while we are so excited for these adventures we are also ready for some normalcy and quality family time in our new home. We cannot wait to get our house finished, to really get settled into the new ranch life responsibilities, and to hopefully continue to create some really amazing family memories in the process. We are only just beginning but life is so sweet and we want to embrace every moment.

My next goal for this year is to create some more passive income options that will allow me to be able to focus on that GOAL #1! What does this mean for my community? It means EDUCATION and passing on my knowledge and years of experience to ALL OF YOU! I hope to help budding entrepreneurs, brands, and models in their business journeys so they can find success as well.

Next up is a Western Wanderers retreat here in South Dakota this summer! I am really hoping we can create an incredible experience like we have in the past and share my love for South Dakota as well! Stay tuned for more information about this coming VERY SOON!!

I am now also offering short form video for my brands as an add on and I hope to really hone in that craft as well and be able to provide another form of content for my brands outside of what I already provide. I am excited to offer something new this year and I know my brands will love it as well!

Lastly I really want to embrace the things I LOVE and that truly feed my SOUL. One of those things is Marketing. I absolutely LOVE it and I have officially taken over marketing for the ranch and I never realized how much I really LOVED it until now! I am hoping that I can use my experience from over the years to really make an impact on our family business while also sharing my knowledge with others who are looking to grow their own as well.

If you have made it this far; THANK YOU again for being here! I am so so grateful for my little home on the internet and I hope you have enjoyed your time here as well!

Incase you want to see me IN FRONT of the camera (which almost never happens ha!) you can check out these awesome shots from January that I absolutely LOVE!

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