Denim Doozy NFR Vibes

We shot in a local hotel for this shoot and wanted VEGAS vibes; I feel like we nailed it! I’ve shot for Denim Doozy many times over the past couple years. We also partnered with Haute Southern Hyde (western bags) and I personally feel we created something different than what is common for our industry. The bags provided an accessory that really added dynamic range to the imagery and I am so glad we were able to pull them both together to create something unique for all of us.

I feel like this shoot allowed us both to push ourselves out of our comfort zones as photographer and brand and I truly feel like the models absolutely KILLED it!

We had a blast and the hotel created a unique vintage environment. I loved being able to use different parts of the room, the doorways, the bathroom, and outside.

It was SO fun to work with both of these brands and I am excited to see what kind of magic we can create the next time we get to shoot together.

Enjoy some of my favorites and check out both of their amazing brands at the links below!

Denim Doozy:

Haute Southern Hyde:

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