Emma and Chigger

Photography being a full-time job makes me miss creating for the sake of creating.

I miss the times of just picking up my camera with no pressure, or a shot list, or client worried about their vision.

This particular Sunday, we were supposed to leave for brunch in 10 minutes and I realized Emma has not fed Chigger, her pony, yet. She was already dressed up so I thought to grab my camera before we ran out to feed – I am so glad that I did.

While she fed Chigger, I just sat there and capture the moments I wanted to capture, not the ones I felt I needed to.

I froze the moments and the details of Emma and what I love about her, and her interactions with Chigger.

A few days later, when I went to edit the photos, I was BLOWN AWAY.

That quick, simple moment was me! My creation! There were no limits and no little voice making me question if I am good enough – Imposter Syndrome really sucks!

With all of this I just really encourage you to take those moments to create for yourself. They really do refresh your creativity and passion for your work!

Take back your creative control and you can really love your work again!

Dress: @alliefalcon
Bow: @sweetmay.co
Jacket: @emmylouandjune

Jewelry: @milagroturquoiseco

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