Denim Doozy x Haute Southern Hyde

I say it all the time – PUSH THE LIMITS. I have been pushing outside of ALL of my comfort zones lately and really striving to create content that inspires not only me as the photographer but inspires the models and brands as well.

We are over here with the goal of breaking the boundaries of what we think western fashion photography is and creating content that evokes emotion. Taking something as simple as clothing and aiming to give it a life and a story.

That is what my job is about, capturing the story and giving it meaning. And THAT is why I love what I do.

This shoot with Denim Doozy and Haute Southern Hyde was no different. It was so fun messing with different angles, light, and movement! I am feeling so creatively full and I am LOVING it.

Clothing: Denim Doozy

Bags: Southern Haute Hyde

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