Bluff Dale Content Day

What an amazing group of girls and experience! The Western Wanderers Content Day in Bluff Dale, TX was a SUCCESS.

Not only did I get to work with some new and amazing brands, but I also had the best group of girls there! The Sagebrush Cantina setup was amazing and so beautiful she always does such a phenomenal job and makes the BEST drinks!

Also, I got to see firsthand Pinataylotta Petal’s handy work, and she didn’t disappoint. Fun fact we actually had the shoot at her new floral store that just opened up in Bluff Dale! Go swing by and tell her hello!

Everyone brought their best to this shoot and I’m truly so lucky to have such a wonderful community! Scroll to the end of the gallery for our awesome vendors, brands, and models!










Trailer & Furniture: 




Content day host:

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