Lemurs: but make it fashion!

Carolina is one of the influencers I shoot monthly content for and each time we always shoot with some kind of exotic animal! We’ve shot with snakes, birds, alpacas and this time a lemur!

Shooting with lemur was seriously so cool and definitely my favorite exotic animal I have worked with!

They are the most interesting animals I have yet to be around, a few fun facts;

– You don’t grab or physically hold them with both hands, (it makes them feel threatened and they will bite) Instead you just encourage them to climb up and perch on you!

 – They love blueberry muffins

– The babies love to snuggle! 

The Texas house Wreckers own the two lemurs we shot with, these were their personal lemurs they had raised from babies, but they home close to 13 rescued lemurs! They informed me that lots of people get lemurs without understanding the huge responsibility they are, and the danger that comes with a lemur’s bite! They encourage people to really do their research before purchasing one of these beautiful animals as a pet!

  1. Kelley says:

    Dennis and Bongo look so good. Beautiful work! Thank you for the kind words. We house and feed a lot of lemurs but we love it!

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