I went viral: Whimsy Maternity Shoot

Thanks to the Texas heat this shoot was very last minute and not what we originally planned! BUT, it turned out so magical and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing!

The love this shoot got SHOCKED me – it went VIRAL on Tik Tok! The video hit 1 million views within a day!! I am so thankful for the recognition and that people loved it! It is absolutely insane what Tik Tok can do in just one day! 

Morgan is the sweetest human and I cannot wait to meet baby Taos! 

Make sure and scroll to the end to see step-by-step how we pulled off this whimsy milk bath!

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Click here to watch a video on how we did it!

Step 1: Fill your tub with milk, we used two gallons!

Step 2: Choose your florals, we had about 5 bunches!

Step 3: Cut your fruit, we used grapefruit and oranges but lemons, and limes would look good too!

Step 4: Fill the tub with florals and fruit!

Step 5: Line the tub with leftover stems and florals!

Step 6: Pose for the camera!

I hope this helps! Follow along on Tik Tok for more video content!

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