Hi, I’m Kaylee

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Hi, I’m Kaylee! I am an enneagram nine who loves iced americano, pizza, and being outdoors! I married my husband John in 2019 and our sweet Emma girl was born in June 2020! I love bringing Emma along with me to all my shoots, she’s the greatest little assistant that never complains and is always up for anything!

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was about five. Remember those disposable cameras that we all used to take on school trips? Well, (thanks to my mom) I was the queen bee of field trip photography and have been hooked ever since. Luckily, I grew out just photo-documenting my cats and animals and eventually found my way to a few photography classes through high school and college. But like most things, I learned through life. I’m a self-taught photographer who is obsessed with capturing movement in portraits and specialize in Western fashion photography.

I love the Western lifestyle community, creative styling, and all things turquoise. I grew up on a ranch in Montana and married a Texan, so the cowgirl code basically runs through my blood.

What I love most about being a Western photographer is that I get to create connections and beautiful content that benefits all parties. I understand that as a fashion influencer, you want photos that show off your smile and your personality. And as a brand, you want to make sure the shots clearly show the details and the beauty of your product. (I believe we can do both!) I take a lot of time and care when doing my research, matching brands with the right girls that fit their vibe, and I scout multiple shoot locations to make sure the mood is just right. We never shy away from accessorizing, so there’s always plenty of opportunities for product shots to capture! 

Our shoots will be fun, carefree, and a bit of an adventure. I’ll probably show up with a couple of lattes, bags of snacks, and my little babe Emma in tow. It is always so rewarding and fun to see how shoots come together! My favorite part of my job is working with so many beautiful and unique brands and influencers. I find so much joy in crafting the perfect setting and look for each person or brand!

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